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How to Combine Personal FM and Classroom Sound Systems

Learn how to quickly and transparently integrate PFM and classroom sound systems!


Combining personal FM (PFM) systems and classroom amplification (sound field) technologies in the classroom can have huge educational and social benefits for students with hearing loss or auditory deficits – or it can contribute to their isolation. The key is how they are combined. When connected the right way, students can:

  • hear the voices of their peers by way of a pass-around microphone
  • hear multimedia – including movies, sound from educational software, music, and more
  • review recordings of instructional content and class discussion to clarify anything they missed.
In addition to the well-documented social and academic advantages to hearing the teacher’s voice consistently and clearly, these features offer a huge advantage for classroom engagement and participation. In this paper, you’ll learn how to easily connect PFM systems and classroom amplification systems in the proper way to fully enrich your students’ learning experience.