FrontRow Free Trial

Experience the FrontRow advantage for yourself

It's easy to see the effectiveness of high-quality classroom sound technology with FrontRow's Trial Program. Qualifying schools have 45 days to try out a FrontRow Juno JN-SYS-BT, Juno JN-SM-BT, Pro Digital PD-IR, or ToGo system in one of their own classrooms. Here's how it works:

  • Complete the form at right
  • If approved, a local FrontRow Authorized Reseller will ship your chosen system to you
  • Most of the systems in this program are easy to set up yourself, but if you want installation services, let your Reseller know. (You may be asked to pay for this service.)
  • You agree to either purchase or return the system in salable condition within 45 days. In either case, you agree to be responsible for the cost of shipment.

That's it!