Teacher Edition lets you make recordings from any FrontRow audio system and automatically saves the file in a very user friendly MP4 format — viewable on practically any device from smartphones to computers to tablets — for students to review later.
 Teacher Edition lets you make recordings from any FrontRow audio system and automatically saves the file in a very user friendly MP4 format — viewable on practically any device from smartphones to computers to tablets — for students to review later.

Teacher Edition enables teachers to easily capture their lessons in real-time and share them online, making classrooms more efficient and students more prepared. Teacher Edition records the computer screen, teacher’s voice, and any audio played through the sound system and saves it as an MP4 file so that students can review it at any time, even on their mobile devices.

Lesson capture can be used for flipping your classroom or even creating a reference library of short lessons you can use year after year.

Begin capturing your lessons right away! No special knowledge, complicated software, or intensive video editing skills are needed.

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If you have already purchased the Teacher Edition and have a license for the software, please complete this form instead.

Terms for Teacher Edition Trial:

  1. Anyone may trial Teacher Edition, but it is not available as a standalone software application for purchase.  To purchase it after the trial period ends, you must already have, or plan to purchase, a FrontRow classroom amplification system.  (If you're in US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand you may also try a FrontRow classroom amplification FREE for 45 days too!)
  2. If you already have any FrontRow or Phonic Ear system, it qualifies for purchase of Teacher Edition.  Showing us you have a FrontRow or Phonic Ear system is easy, just provide your microphone serial number when you're ready to buy.  

Teacher Edition is available for Windows® and Mac OS® and can be purchased through an authorized FrontRow reseller.  To find your local reseller, click here.